HOD’s Message

In the current progress and competition era, we aim to be the best engineering institution in Pakistan. Our department provides postgraduate and undergraduate programs in the disciplines of electrical and communication engineering. We are training our students and researchers to choose a career in industry or research using our advanced learning models designed in accordance with the trends prevailing in the industry and the regulatory authorities. Our department is the finest choice for those planning to pursue education and research in the time needed areas of Power Systems Engineering, Renewable Energy, Networking Technologies and Communication Systems Engineering. With technological advancements reaching the sky the potential to develop applications in engineering discipline will remain forever. Generation of critical and curious minds is of the utmost importance. Granting of equal opportunities to all individuals to attain expertise not only in their respective fields but also enabling them to cultivate cognitive disciplines thus enhancing their status in life. The mission at our department is to instill within our students to explore and create ideas, innovate and invent to promote social prosperity. We ensure provision of professional guidance in order to transform our students/researchers, to inculcate the audacity thus encouraging them to adopt values which would be their road map through life. This all-encompassing innovation and research based methodology will facilitate their efforts to navigate through the intricacies of the challenging tasks which would inevitably be faced in the long run for attainment of their objectives.