Role/ responsibilities at Superior: Lecturer/Labs Incharge   

List of qualifications




PhD (EE)





UET, Lahore

BSc (EE)


University of Central Punjab, Lahore

Academic achievements


Non-academic achievements

Participated in Sports & Cultural festival-2019 organized by, The Superior College, Lahore.

Organized CPD workshops organized by the Electrical Engineering Department.

Organizing Committee Member for ICEET 2018 & 2019.

Member of event organizing committee at work places (i.e. The Superior College Lahore, University of South-Asia, Lahore).

List of distinctions, awards, nominations, papers


Research Publications

  • Hafiz Fuad Usman, Shahzaib Hamid & Saif ur Rehman, “Smart grid Intelligent Energy Management System for Cost Optimization in Power System”, Advances in Science and Engineering Technology, Renewable and Sustainable Energy International Conference 2019 (RSEIC’2019), Dubai
  • Hafiz Fuad Usman, Shahzaib Hamid & Saif ur Rehman, “Dynamic Modelling, Control and Power Management in a Grid-Integrated PV/SOFC/SC based Hybrid Power System”, International Conference on Innovation & Intelligence for Informatics, Computing & Technologies (3ICT-2018), Bahrain
  • Hafiz Fuad Usman, Muhammad Rafay Khan Sial, Shahzaib Hamid, “Modified ‘Perturb & Observe’ with ‘Incremental Conductance’ Algorithm for Maximum Power Point Tracking”. 3th International Conference on Aerospace for Young Engineers & Scientists (ICAYS 2018), Beijing, China.
  • Muhammad Rafay Khan Sial, Hafiz Fuad Usman, Shahzaib Hamid “Green Cognitive Femtocells Deployment House Modelling for Interference Mitigation”. 15th IEEE International Conference on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications & Information Technology (ECTi-CON 2018), Chiang Rai, Thailand
  • Adnan Yousaf, Faiza Ahmad, Shahzaib Hamid, Fahad Khan, “Performance Comparison of various LEACH Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks”,15th IEEE Colloquium in Signal Processing and its Applications (CSPA 2019), Malaysia, 2019
  • Basit A. Khan, Hafiz M. Ashraf, Shahzaib Hamid, Rao M. Asif, Usman Bashir, “Implementation of Micro Controller Based Electromechanical Over Current Relay for Radial Feeder Protection” accepted in ICEET 2019, Lahore