Role/ responsibilities at Superior? Lecturer (Electrical)+PhD Scholar
List of qualifications

Degree Year University
MSEE 2012-2014 COMSATS Lahore
Bsc. Electrical (Telecom)
2008-2012 COMSATS Lahore
FSc. (Pre-Engineering) 2008 Govt. College University,
Matriculation 2006 DPS Model Town Lahore

Academic achievements

PM Laptop In MSEE

Non-academic achievements

List of distinctions, awards, nominations, papers

Personality Information
Hobbies and interests – brief detail
Playing Badminton
Counseling of students
Sports and extra-curricular activities you enjoy
Playing Badminton
Number of projects monitored and assisted – students – recent most

FYP Projects:

Autonomous Multi-functioning cart for Dynamic Industries.
A research on Femtocells management issues. (Continued)
Area of interest in research and teaching
5G/6G, Information and Communication, Small Cells, Femtocells, wavelets, CDMA, OFDM,
Thesis Details

 MS thesis 2014 title was “A Research on Feasibility and Performance Analysis of LTE Femtocells
Deployment”. It is a 4G technology. I worked on interference management techniques by using different
deployment models.

Last FIVE publications

1. F. Ahmad, M. R. Khan Sial, A. Yousaf and F. Khan, "Textural and Intensity Feature Based Retinal Vessels
Classification for the Identification of Hypertensive Retinopathy,"
2018 IEEE 21st International Multi-Topic
Conference (INMIC)
, Karachi, 2018, pp. 1-4.

2. M. R. K. Sial, H. F. Usman and S. Hamid, "Green Cognitive Femtocells Deployment House Modelling for
Interference Mitigation,"
2018 15th International Conference on Electrical Engineering/Electronics,
Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ECTI-CON)
, Chiang Rai, Thailand, 2018, pp.

3. Z. Hameed, M. R. K. Sial, A. Yousaf, and M. U. Hashmi, "Harmonics in electrical power systems and how to
remove them by using filters in etap
," 2016 Proc. of 3rd International conference on Engineering & Emerging
Technologies (ICEET), Lahore, 2016.

4. Z. Hameed, A. Yousaf, M. R. K. Sial & M. U. Hashmi, “Platform Strategy by Uniting Solar, Thermal,
Vibrational and Wind Energy with Maximum Power Point Tracking System
”, 3rd international conference on
Engineering and Emerging Technologies, Lahore, 2016.

5. M. R. K. Sial & U. Hashmi, “A Brief Discussion about Femtocells in LTE and techniques to manage
interference issues
”, 3rd International conference on Engineering and Emerging Technologies, Lahore, 2016.

6. M. R. K. Sial, W. Afzal, A. Afzal & A. Khalid, “Performance Comparison of Multi-Carrier CDMA and
Wavelet Transform based Multi-Carrier CDMA
”. 2nd International conference on Engineering and Emerging
Technologies, Lahore, 2015.

National conferences participation

International Conference on Engineering &Emerging Technology (ICEET 2019), Lahore,
International conferences participation
ECTI-CON, Thailand
Previous professional experiences/ distinctions

List of organizational awards
Have you taken any initiative to improve or contribute to your department? Please give
Motivating the students to engage in different research based semester projects to enhance their
knowledge and problem solving skills. Working as a team member in team of FET in order to
implement OBE/OBA system in our department successfully. Furthermore, working under the
mentorship of “Lead the Leaders ” team, in promoting our department and strengthen its roots.
What do you see as your next milestone in life?